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We are working on medical research through diverse domains, especially linked to Autonomic Nervous System.


Thanks to our NeuroCoach solution, we are working on stroke primary prevention.

Analyse and study of physiological signal

Our expertise lies in our ability to analyze physiological signals, in particular through the cardiac signal.

Our applications domains

About us

Life Medical Control is a university company created following the work of the team of researchers from the CHU de SAINT ETIENNE on the ANS (Autonomous Nervous System) since 1995.

Composed of medical researchers and industrialists, Life Medical Control has developed the equipment as well as the associated services making it possible to determine the quality of the ANS.

Inscribed in the genes of the company, research and innovation are an integral part of the intellectual approach of the structure and offer us on a daily basis the chance to imagine new concepts that will later be made available to our customers.

The fields of activity of the company Life Medical Control are very numerous (from fundamental research to applied research, passing through the monitoring of the population pool, or individual cases such as athletes with a view to a competition).


Focus on the NeuroCoach Solution

Screen 3 risks factors of stroke in 1 test.

The NeuroCoach solution allows the identification of three often asymptomatic risk factors through an ECG recording to be performed simply at home. This recording is analyzed by our signal processing experts to provide the patient with a detailed report of his results. Positioned in primary prevention, the NeuroCoach test makes it possible to make a pre-diagnosis of risk factors and to direct the patient towards the classic care path so that the latter can be taken care of earlier.

The three factors identified are atrial fibrillation, the risk of sleep apnea and autonomic deregulation.

On the occasion of World Stroke Day, Claire Bory our product manager presents the NeuroCoach solution alongside Prof. Frédéric Roche from the CHU of Saint-Etienne. You can find the entire show on Boehringer Ingelheim’s “Au coeur de l’AVC” FB page.

From Science to Health

Deeply convinced by the interest of science and research, we are involved in multiple projects.

The aim of course, is to find new ways or new solution to increase our manner to take in charge patients, to improve the health and to diagnose and treat several pathologies today, well-known for some but hardly diagnosed or still unknown. 

We are more particularly close to the SNA-EPIS Team, Cohort PROOF and University Research Team – Inserm Unit U1059.

Our work is mainly focus on the analysis of physiological signals, heart signal, Autonomic Nervous System and vagus nerve. 

We are positionned at the cross of science and medical devices.

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