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Life Medical Control is a university company based on the studies of researchers from the Saint-Etienne University Hospital initiated since 1995.
Composed mainly of professors and industrialists, Life Medical Control has developed tools and services to determine the ANS level and its quality.
Research and innovation are fully part of our DNA and are our daily motors. Our intellectual point of view is to imagine new concepts that will be used later by our customers.
Life Medical Control applications are numerous (from basic research to applied research, including monitoring population or athlete profiles).

Our NeuroCoach solution

Primary prevention of stroke risk factors 

Screening of stroke risk factors

From one recorder we are able to extract 3 risks factors

Atrial Fibrillation

5% of stroke per year

Sleep apnea syndrome

Stroke risk factor and other pathologies like tiredness

Dysautonomic nervous system

Mirror of our well-being and of our real neurological age. Its imbalance is considered as a stroke risk factor

Available via our partnerships

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Easy & Fast

Accessibility is the main objective we had while developing the solution. Accessibility in the use and for everyone


Confidentiality is more than important in our activty such as we treat confidential data.

Expert team

Our team is composed by Professors, Engineers, EKG signal analyst, all experts in their domains.

screened people

An offer designed for enterprises

We are developing a new offer for companies in order to raise awareness and inform companies about the risks of stroke.
To do this, we offer a unique format consisting of around an hour of information around stroke such as what it is or why it is important to act quickly in case of stroke. We also provide information on risk factors.
Then after this intervention, with the contribution to the company, we offer free access to the NeuroCoach test for those who want to try it.
It is a great way to raise awareness and take concrete action in the prevention of risk factors for stroke.

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Centre d’Ingénierie et de Santé (CIS)

10 rue de la Marandière
42270 Saint-Priest-en-Jarez
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