Part of our DNA

From our background and our history, it is undeniable that research is part of our DNA and that it continues to arouse great interest for us.

Our NeuroCoach solution is just the conclusion of years of research. And it is through research that we will continue to innovate and provide answers and solutions to prevent risks and even treat them.

It is certain that this is long-term work, the fruits of which are not necessarily collected immediately.

But it is so rewarding to arrive at discoveries, even more so when they are useful for everyone’s well-being, aging well and good health.

For example, we are continuing our actions with SNA-EPIS, we are supporting the PROOF Cohort all the more in this period of COVID-19 where the NeuroCoach makes it possible to continue patient follow-ups thanks to ECG recording at home and therefore does not involve unnecessary travel among at-risk profiles.

During the first wave, we participated in a study on the monitoring of ANS of COVID patients.

And we continue our involvement in various projects

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