The NeuroCoach solution

We are convinced that it is through education and prevention that we can truly reduce the number of stroke victims. We therefore believe that the role of pre-diagnosis, enabled by the contribution of new means of communication and new technologies, is a powerful tool in the fight against stroke. Each of us should have access to information about our health, regardless of our status or where we live. It is time to rethink the patient journey so that the latter has a relevant pre-diagnostic tool that allows him to anticipate the risks, to treat them when it is still easy to do so and to promote the expertise of his doctor by providing him with the necessary data so that he can best guide his patient.

Our proposal

A primary screening solution for stroke risks. Positioned in e-health, we offer a complete solution which aims to allow as many people as possible to know their risks in the face of stroke. We provide our expertise and our know-how through an innovative HD ECG recorder, the NeuroCoach, a method of physiological signal analysis and processing developed by our team which makes it possible to identify from the same file three different risk factors and the production of a personalized and detailed report explaining the results.

For who?

The NeuroCoach solution is recommended from the age of 45, with follow-up every 2-3 years for good continuity of progress. Why from 45 years old? Because it is from this age that the risk factors associated with stroke begin to appear. The earlier they are identified and treated, the more complications the patient will avoid later on. This is the exact representation of the adage: better safe than sorry.Athletes can perform the test to monitor their ANS gain, a powerful indicator in the athlete’s recovery and potential.It also makes it possible, with a general population to carry out mass screening, in order to identify asymptomatic risk factors and therefore to make people aware of a risk they were unaware of.

A new journey

To enable this screening, and therefore this preventive action, we have built a new customer journey by relying on our partners.The client performs the test before his appointment with the attending physician, in order to be able to present his results