Our history

Life Medical Control was founded in 2007 by a team of cardiologists from Saint-Etienne University Hospital and engineers.

Already heavily involved in research, the wish was to be able to go further and provide concrete solutions.

Today the company continues with its roots in research and markets a medical device called NeuroCoach.

The latter brings together our scientific and technical expertise since it combines our know-how in electronics, IT and medical matters. The NeuroCoach solution integrates detection algorithms that we have developed as well as technology integrated into the device manufactured in France.


Moving towards prevention, an obvious fact

Thanks to our years of research, we have gradually implemented a powerful screening tool for vascular risk factors that can prove very useful in the primary and secondary prevention of Stroke.

Stroke represents 150,000 victims each year in France, and twice as many by 2050. Faced with these findings, we cannot remain without action. This is why we encourage research through the publication of papers concerning atrial fibrillation, the autonomic nervous system, sleep apnea or even the benefit of physical activity or prevention.