Surrounded by a unique network

Since 2017, we have launched an experimentation phase in partner pharmacies and health examination centers in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

The purpose of this experiment is to test our NeuroCoach solution in the field while bringing new innovation to these establishments.

The idea is to be able to rely on pharmacists, doctors and nurses, all health referents, to offer the screening test for stroke risk factors to a large population and to inform them about its risks. . Today there are many victims of stroke who could have been alerted upstream but who were outside the radars.
With this initiative, we want to educate these people off radar about asymptomatic risk factors which are: Atrial Fibrillation, Sleep Apnea Syndrome as well as Autonomous Nervous System dysregulation.

This ever-growing partnership is an exceptional opportunity to be able to combine our technology and our knowledge with the knowledge of healthcare professionals and to be able to take advantage of their close relationship with their patient to raise awareness among a large public.

Below is our network of partners.


"I was contacted more than a year ago to propose to deploy the Neurocoach in our region, with the argument of the ease of access to pharmacies for users throughout the territory. The stroke represents a cost of around 9 billion € per year (70,000 € / stroke - 130,000 stroke / year). The lowest hypotheses would be that this primary prevention would prevent between 15 and 25% of strokes, over time, if the risk factors were known early enough. We launched this NeuroCoach project in September 2017 and the results are extremely interesting. This project is fully in line with the objectives set by the Ministry of Health in terms of innovation and prevention. It meets expectations in terms of an aging population, access to health care, loss of autonomy. Not to mention the other possibilities of this device which would make it possible to better follow certain treatments introduced, without forcing users to travel. It can also best support general practitioners in their daily practice, regardless of their location in the territory."
Olivier Rozaire
President of URPS pharmaciens Auvergne Rhône Alpes
"The goal of the Prevent Stroke Study is to implement a stroke prevention program in at-risk elderly people living at home. People at risk are identified by prevention advisers (pharmacists / nurses / doctors / health examination centers, etc.) who offer them registration to identify risk factors for stroke using NeuroCoach. The analyzes are then sent to the patient and his attending physician so that he can provide the corrective solution for the risk factor according to the result of the recorder. The objective is also to guide participants at risk towards a prevention path through support towards collective prevention sessions."
Jessica Guyot
In charge of researches, Chaire Santé des aînés, Ingénierie de la prévention